Don’t Pay Taxes Unnecessarily

Learn How You Can Legally Minimize Your Tax Burden and…
Reduce Your Income Tax Bill By Up to 67%
And Eliminate Your Mortgage Saving At Least $100,000

The Sherric Financial Tax Reduction Program

In collaboration with Canada’s leading investment, legal and accounting taxation experts to ensure integrity in providing tax incentives, Sherric Financial makes available to you tax-saving strategies through provisions of the Income Tax Act of Canada.

The Sherric Financial “Eliminate My Mortgage” System

Sherric Financial supports the tax saving and debt-elimination goals of clients by facilitating innovative financing arrangements for Canadians via investments and donations utilizing the principles of modern business financing to benefit from exceptional tax credits.

Join Financial Strategist Richard Sherry as he shows you how to reduce your income tax bill up to 67% and eliminate your mortgage in ½ the time!

Yes! Please register me to learn how to reduce my taxes and become mortgage free…

Location Topic Date Time Cost
China Rose Restaurant
(228 – 28 St. SE)
Tax Feb. 26 12 pm – 1:30 Lunch $10
Sherric Financial
(Suite 400, 7015 Macleod Tr. S)
Tax Feb. 27 7 pm – 8:30 FREE
Sherric Financial
(Suite 400, 7015 Macleod Tr. S)
Mortgage Mar. 5 7 pm – 8:30 FREE
Sherric Financial
(Suite 400, 7015 Macleod Tr. S)
Mortgage Mar. 6 7 pm – 8:30 FREE

Here’s What Some of Our Clients Are Experiencing Using These Strategies:

Oil worker reduced his 2011 tax bill from $48,000 to $20,600 and received a tax refund of $27,400!

Business Owner who was going to have to pay $20,000 in 2010

Personal Taxes by April of 2011 has reduced this payment to only $6,000!

Mechanic has a plan to be mortgage-free in 15 years, while saving $239,000!

Who can this strategy help?
Anyone with taxes already paid or with taxes still owing…

Employees; Self-Employed;
Home-Based Business Owners; Business Owners; Seniors; etc.

Your Biggest Expense in Life Is Taxes.

What Are You Doing to Pay Less?

Richard Sherry routinely assists clients who get $20,000 to $50,000 back as tax refunds in their first year! At this fast-paced Tax Strategy Session you will learn:

  • How to convert your taxes into equity
  • How to use ‘other people’s money’ to lower your taxes and build wealth
  • How to more than double your RRSP deduction using the same amount of money

Your Biggest Purchase in Life Is Your Home.

What Are You Doing to Be Mortgage-Free?

Eliminate your mortgage in half the time and save at least $100,000 along the way.

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